One Man’s Passion | Transform the way you do coffee
If you’re looking for an artistically infused coffee experience like no other, where your satisfaction is our top priority, you’ve come to the right place! Beginning with Nasser Al Muzeiel’s vision to elevate the standard cup of coffee, Lumia, based in Kuwait – the coffee capital of the Middle East, is now well on its way to becoming the go-to artisanal coffee worldwide. Transforming the industry with its unique take on the art of coffee, Lumia allows anyone to have the perfect cup of joy anywhere, any time without needing specialized equipment or paying excessive prices. With its unique coffee origins and customer-centric mission, there is no better way to celebrate your appreciation for the finer things in life than to become part of the Lumia family, where we are fully committed to delivering a powerfully immersive coffee encounter every time you enjoy one of our superior products.


The Lumia Lifestyle | All good days start with a cup of Lumia
At Lumia, we celebrate life in all of its exquisite forms. We revel in the pleasures of art, culture, and creativity, and above all else, we strive to fill our customers’ days with genuine smiles and positive human connections. Gone are the days where you had to own special tools or visit expensive coffee shops for a premium cup of coffee. Lumia essentially brings the coffee shop to you wherever you are. That means that whether you’re a digital nomad traveling the world, living your dreams in a big-city apartment or with your loved-ones in your cozy family home, you can instantly be transported through the deep aromatic wonders of Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Brazil and Colombia with Lumia by your side. Our four-origin coffee is ethically sourced and expertly roasted by our local partners at Earth Roastery. It is perfectly packaged with Lumia’s bold artistic vision and then sent out with care to every corner of the globe, arriving at your doorstep ready to be enjoyed. With it being as easy as placing your favorite order online, it’s no wonder that coffee lovers all over the world are now enjoying the benefits of the Lumia Lifestyle.


Revolutionizing Coffee Culture | The Ultimate Coffee Experience
As experts in the production of diverse profiles of roasted coffee, Lumia’s signature range includes a carefully curated collection of top-quality coffee capsules, drips, and bags that are tailored to suit every taste. Choose from our famous four-origin coffee to delight your senses or venture into our unique blend Traditional Arabic and Turkish coffees for the authentic connoisseurs. We’ve enhanced our offering by having each one of our coffees represented by an exciting character who is ready to take you on a different coffee-adventure depending on which one you choose. Meet Haya descended from the Nicaraguan Mountains, Antar the Colombian zoo escapee, Reem the original goat from the Ethiopian Savanna, Bobo the Brazilian sweetheart and Wadha, the Arabian desert wanderer. Each one awakens your taste buds in its own distinct way and captivates your imagination with their story. Our Lumia coffee drip of the month, is an exclusive monthly offering for those committed to embarking on a unique Lumia journey where only 100 pouches of our most exciting coffee drip flavors are made available to the dedicated few who order in time. This is just one of the ways that we are contributing to cultivating the coffee culture that we love so much. Visit our online store to feast your eyes on our full range that is guaranteed to change the way you drink coffee for good!


A message from the founder | Nasser Al Muzeiel
Lumia has redefined the way you drink your daily coffee, starting from dripping, coffee capsules, cold brew, traditional Arabic coffee to the Turkish coffee. Lumia has simplified the way you prepare a cup of coffee, without any special equipment. It is more than just a cup of coffee, Lumia is a mixture of art, lifestyle and coffee.

Our initial idea was to make your coffee cup available whenever you need it, and not make you wait in a queue to get it. Lumia coffee will go with you everywhere - to your work, your meetings, to your home, and as you travel the world. We at Lumia care about every customer: each customer is one of us. We take great care with every detail, from roasting the coffee, packing the orders, and delivering each shipment to the customer.