The Little Kettle

9.250 KD
We have designed the little kettle with so much love, looking at every curve to come up with the best size, shape, and material. This little kettle is made of a high-quality Anodised Aluminum body, and it is anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, and durable to use. We have created the shape of the handle for a comfortable and safe grip while pouring the hot water. It has a long gooseneck spout, perfect for precisely pouring boiling water on Lumia drips. The exquisite appearance and reasonable size made it easy to carry and store, and it won't take much space.

Product Specification
Package: 1 Single Kettle
Material: Anodised Aluminum
Color: Black
Capacity: 250 ml
Mold Size: 13.8 x 8 cm

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